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Airport Transport Link Plan
Parameters of the Airport
Project Progression
Developed documentation
Feasibility study
Master development plan
Environmental Impact Report
Grounds acquisition
Project results

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- Suitability assessment of the land indicated by the City of Kielce for the airport construction use

- Effect of the Kielce Regional Airport on the economic opportunities of Kielce and the Swietokrzyskie region

- The concept of linking the airport with the region and Kielce, including the use of passenger rail service

- The concept of a road system to serve the Kielce Regional Airport in Obice

- Research on the opinions of the Swietokrzyskie province residents about the need to construct
  the RKA in Obice

- A hydrological survey pertaining to the Morawka River catchment area

- A soil and land survey for mineral and organic soils class I- III located within the boundaries
  of the Kielce Regional Airport in Obice

- Characteristics of selected airport area meteorological elements

- Feasibility study

- Airport Master Plan

- Cost-benefit analysis

- Airport Capacity and Facility Requirements Program

- Environmental Impact Report

- Market estimation

- Optimisation of earthwork within the airport site grading works

- Ecophysiographical study for the Regional Airport

- Solution to the problem of water supply for the planned Kielce Airport and the recognition of geological
  and engineering conditions of the airport area

- Maps of building heights and existing obstructions

- Estimation of mass volume in the planned grading work

- Air Traffic Organization Plan for the Kielce Airport in Obice

- New Environmental Report

- Architectural and functional  Concept of  Kielce  Airport  together with the land  development project  (documentation accepted  by the city of Kielce)