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Airport Transport Link Plan
Parameters of the Airport
Project Progression
Developed documentation
Feasibility study
Master development plan
Environmental Impact Report
Grounds acquisition
Project results

Current and planned Company tasks _CMN_PDF_ALT Print _CMN_EMAIL_ALT

- acquiring and preparation of documentation required for submitting an application for official decisions
  and permissions, required by separate regulations and essential to the realisation of the project.
  The Company will be presented, in accordance with specified laws, with documentation concerning
  the Regional Airport which was drawn up by the Commune of the City of Kielce and is essential
  for the acquisition of appropriate decisions and permissions.

- applications for decisions, permissions, agreements and opinions referred to above, as well
  as participation in the appropriate proceedings,

- acquiring ownership or other rights to real estate (including the right to use land for building purposes)
  essential to building the airport by Kielce Commune or other local government bodies,

- participation in proceeding concerned with compulsory land purchase orders on the proposed airport
  grounds, and other proceedings concerning the preparation and realisation of the airport investment,

- drawing up and supervising the execution of contracts for supplies, services and construction works
  essential to the construction and operational start of Kielce Regional Airport.

- participation in creating an economic programme for the area of the airport itself and its surrounding
  industrial zone which will be conducive to the economic development of the City of Kielce and the
  Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) region and which has been initiated by local governments
  in the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.

- promotion of Kielce Regional Airport,

- searching for a strategic investor for the building of Kielce Regional Airport in cooperation with Kielce
  Commune (Gmina) in accordance with rules determined in a separate agreement,

- appointing and equipping the airport governing company as required by law,

- drawing up preliminary contracts with airlines for providing services,

- drawing up contracts for airport services with institutions whose activities come within the scope
  of competences of the state in the execution of prerogatives of public power.